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Don’t Let the Past of Dentures Stop You From a Complete Smile

Serving our patients in Huntington and Rocky Point, NY offices in Suffolk County, Dr. Augenbaum and Dr. Koschitzki at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry believe there’s no reason to live with missing teeth when dentures are a fast and affordable option. Though dentures of the past have a bad reputation, advancements in techniques and materials make dentures of today a customizable, comfortable, and attractive solution for missing teeth. We offer high-quality, yet affordable denture solutions and work with with many leading insurance companies.

We offer high-quality, yet affordable denture solutions and work with many leading insurance companies.

A Variety of Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Dentures are removable false teeth designed to replace a single tooth all the way up to a complete set of teeth. Over the years, dentures have been made from solid gold, brass, ivory from hippos and elephants, porcelain, metal rivets and even wood. Dentures have evolved tremendously over the years, and it’s now possible to have a complete set of perfectly aligned replacement teeth that are as strong, functional and as natural-looking as your original teeth. Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions:
Complete dentures are removable and replace a full set of teeth on either the upper arch (the maxillary arch) or the lower arch (the mandibular arch) or both. They have an acrylic mouthpiece which adheres to the gums and roof of your mouth and must be precisely fitted to create proper suction to keep the mouthpiece in place. Removable partial dentures are for patient’s existing teeth. Partial dentures attach to a patient’s existing teeth with clips and have a gum-colored plastic base which blends with the existing gums. Fixed partial dentures or bridges are made from crowns that are fitted on the remaining teeth. Constructed of materials closely matching the existing teeth, they “bridge” the gap between teeth to create a smooth attractive appearance. Fixed bridges are more stable than removable dentures but are more costly. The flexible partial denture is a popular solution which doesn’t use metal clips to stay in place. It’s more costly than a standard denture but its nylon mouthpiece is comfortable and virtually undetectable in public.
Are sometimes called same day dentures because a patient can have a damaged or diseased tooth removed and have its pre-fitted replacement cemented into place that day. At a later visit, the temporary tooth can be replaced with a more stable, longer lasting partial denture.
Are replacement teeth anchored in place by titanium implants. They combine strength and stability giving you confidence that your dentures will stay firmly in place in all situations. For someone who has suffered the embarrassment of missing most or all of their teeth, overdentures promise a newfound quality of life.
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Results to Expect From Your New Dentures

Our team at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry provides complete and partial dentures that are personalized to your oral health needs and your smile goals. We’ll first take a series of impressions of your jaw ridge and oral tissues, which will be used to handcraft your new dentures in our Huntington and Rocky Point, NY offices in Suffolk County. With properly-fitting dentures, you’ll be thrilled by the new you—your face will take on a more youthful contour, and simple acts like smiling and eating will be much more enjoyable. There will be a period of several weeks to get adjusted to having a full set of teeth. Some minor irritation and soreness are to be expected, but those annoyances will fade, and your enjoyment of your new life with dentures will take over!
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The Benefits of Dentures


The Drawbacks of Dentures

Dentures are a cost effective and life-changing solution

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