Why Are My Teeth Sensitive All of a Sudden?

tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can happen to anyone, and it often happens abruptly, with little warning. There are many possible causes of tooth sensitivity, but the good news is that it’s also treatable. Talk to your dentist if you experience any unusual changes with your oral health, including persistent tooth sensitivity that causes pain when you consume hot or cold liquids or foods.

Over-the-counter whitening strips

Everyone wants a bright, white smile. If you’ve been using tooth whitening products, like over-the-counter strips or trays, this is likely the cause of your sudden tooth sensitivity. Over-the-counter whitening products can also cause gum discomfort and irritation. A better solution is to see a cosmetic dentist to have professional whitening. Dentists take extra precautions to protect the gums from irritation and the teeth from sensitivity.

The development of gum disease

If you have red, puffy, bleeding gums along with sensitive teeth, then it’s likely that gum disease is the cause of your symptoms. Gum disease is a serious oral health issue that affects countless Americans. If left untreated, gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease) will progress to advanced periodontitis. As gum disease gets worse, the teeth will begin to loosen as the bone and tissues underneath are broken down.

The earlier you see a dentist, the least invasive gun disease treatment will be. Gingivitis is treatable with a deep cleaning technique called scaling and root planing. You’ll also need to improve your oral hygiene habits to keep gingivitis at bay. As your oral health gets better, your tooth sensitivity should subside.

Chipped or cracked tooth

Teeth are pretty strong, but unfortunately, they’re still susceptible to damage like chips and cracks. These breaks in the protective enamel expose the softer dentin underneath, making teeth more likely to become painful when you drink hot or cold beverages. Cracked teeth also let in bacteria from plaque. In severe cases, this can cause inflammation or infection of the tooth pulp. Your dentist may use a bonding technique to deal with minor chips. If the problem is more severe, you may need a crown.

Tooth grinding

Tooth grinding, or bruxism, is something that many people do without realizing it. It often happens at night when the sleeper clenches the jaws together. Over time, tooth grinding can cause the enamel to wear down. It can also lead to chips. Both of these problems can lead to tooth sensitivity. You might also suffer from jaw pain, ear pain, and headaches from the tooth grinding. If you’re a tooth grinder, your dentist can fit you with an oral appliance to wear at night to protect your teeth from damage.

Treatment for sensitive teeth in Long Island

If you live in the Rocky Point area, you can see Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot at Long Island Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. Our team provides both general and cosmetic dentistry services, including gum disease treatments, same-day CEREC crowns, and teeth whitening. It’s our mission to give each patient the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve.

Call (631) 423-6563 to request an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Rocky Point, NY.

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