What Is the Maximum Number of Dental Implants?

Millions of Americans have at least one tooth missing, and many have multiple teeth missing. Patients looking for a permanent restoration option often turn to dental implants. This significant advancement in dental technology can be used to replace just one missing tooth or several teeth—or even an entire mouth. Talk to a dental implant specialist to determine the maximum number of dental implants you will need to restore your beautiful, healthy smile.

The maximum number of dental implants on an arch

Theoretically, patients could have one dental implant replace every single tooth in their mouth—all the way up to 32 implants. (Adults typically have 32 natural teeth, not counting the wisdom teeth.) However, it isn’t necessary to receive this many dental implants, even if you are missing all of your natural teeth. And quite often, this approach wouldn’t be considered practical.

It’s entirely possible to replace a full arch of missing teeth with just a few implants. After placing a few implants at strategic points along the arch, the dentist will attach a fixed appliance to the implants. It will mimic the look, feel, and function of an entire arch of teeth. In short, you can restore an entire mouth using just four to eight implants per arch.

What is the maximum number of dental implants you can receive at once?

When planning on receiving multiple dental implants, patients often wonder how many separate procedures they will need or whether the implants can all be placed during the same appointment. You may wish to have all of the implants placed during the same procedure so that you will only have to undergo it once.

On the other hand, some patients receiving many implants might prefer to have two or more separate procedures. This will mean going through the recovery process more than once. However, some people find it easier to handle the recovery if only part of their mouth is affected.

The surgery itself will be completely pain-free, as your dentist will use an anesthetic and, if you wish, a sedative to keep you comfortable. However, afterward, there is some soreness and discomfort to be expected. This is the primary reason why some patients might prefer to stagger the implant placement across multiple procedures.

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