How Soon After Tooth Extraction Can I Have an Implant?

One of the largest concerns that patients have before receiving dental implants is just how long they will have to wait to have their permanent teeth put into place after having their damaged teeth extracted. The thought of having an empty smile can feel overwhelming and embarrassing. However, this isn’t really anything you should be worried about. For whatever amount of time you will need to wait before sporting your permanent smile (if you have to wait at all), there are always temporary solutions to save you from embarrassment.

How soon can I have implants after tooth extraction?

The average wait time between extraction and installing the implant can vary greatly from patient to patient and is something that should be discussed before beginning any procedure. This is because each case is different. Some patients may have suffered from dramatic bone loss in the jaw, which can require bone grafting—a procedure that takes time to do and heal. Other patients may have few complications (even if they have experienced a reduction in bone density in their jaw) and can be eligible to have their implants installed immediately.

Even if your implants require waiting, you can be provided with temporary dentures or caps in the meantime. Plus, the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term frustrations.

Same-day Dental Implants

With more than 3 million Americans receiving dental implants each year, there have been constant improvements to the procedures and technologies available. Now, many patients are able to receive their permanent implants the exact same day as their extractions—meaning you’ll walk in with damaged teeth and walk out smiling from ear to ear.

The smile you deserve is just around the corner!

Whether you can receive same-day dental implants or need to wait days or weeks before having permanent teeth put in place, the smile you deserve is just around the corner! Once your new, natural-looking teeth are in place, they are there for the long haul. Permanent dental implants will give you decades of smiling selfies, eating meals out with friends, kissing your partner, and loving the way you look.

If you have been contemplating dental implants, schedule a consultation with LI Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry today. We’ll discuss the realities of the procedure and build you a personalized treatment plan so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

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