How Long Does It Take To Replace a Missing Tooth?

Aesthetically speaking, there are few things that can diminish confidence like a missing tooth. Whether caused by trauma, a sports injury, gum disease or other factors, missing teeth impact not only your smile, but your dental health. 

If you are missing or recently lost a single tooth, the best solution is replacement with a dental restoration. The most effective and durable option is a single-tooth implant, which looks, feels and functions just like your natural teeth. A dental implant is advantageous because it not only replaces the visible part of the tooth, but also the root structure. This is important for preserving bone integrity and health. Today’s tooth implants are made of pure titanium; and because the metal is totally biocompatible, it can fuse with the jawbone.

Tooth replacement in a day

Compared to a tooth-supported bridge, dental implants may cost a bit more upfront, but they typically last upwards of 20 years, making them a smarter investment in the long run.

Here at Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we are often asked how long tooth implant procedures take. While this time frame can vary from patient to patient, we do offer the technology for same day procedures, which means we can replace a single tooth (or multiple teeth) in a single office visit! We have found that many of our patients favor same day dental implant procedures, as it saves on time and the hassle of follow-up visits. We also offer sedation with laughing gas or conscious oral sedation to qualified patients who are especially anxious about their treatment.

During the implant procedure, the titanium implant — which resembles a screw — is placed below the gums and into the jaw. Over a period of weeks and months, this post will integrate with the bone, forming a solid anchor for your crown or tooth restoration. If you opt for the one-stage process, Dr. Nick or Dr. Elliot will place a crown at the same time. Once the titanium implant has fused and your jaw is fully healed, you can return for a permanent replacement crown.

Advantages over other dental restorations

Same-day tooth restoration is a convenient solution for many patients in need of cosmetic dentistry. Generally speaking, our patients experience less discomfort and a much shorter treatment time.

Unlike fixed bridges, which require adjacent teeth to be ground down, implants are less invasive and help prevent jaw bone deterioration.

Implants afford other benefits compared to bridges, including:

  • No risk of future decay
  • Decreased chance of periodontal disease
  • Easier to maintain and keep clean
  • Looks more natural
  • More comfortable
  • Longer lifespan
  • Function more like your natural teeth

Long Island dental implant specialists

If you live in the greater Suffolk County area and are interested in restoring your smile with dental implants, we invite you to schedule a free initial consultation by calling (631) 296-0570. Rest assured you can smile with confidence again thanks to a wide range of affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures.


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