Can You Replace All of Your Teeth With Implants?

When teeth are missing, it can be painful, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Everything from old age, disease, improper care, and unexpected accidents can lead to unsightly missing teeth.

When a mouth has absent teeth, proper oral function can be limited. A person’s speech and ability to chew are often impacted, and self-confidence is also likely suffering.

Yet beyond those noticeable changes, there also can be imperceptible challenges. The digestive quality of food can decrease, causing more internal health problems in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, such as increased inflammation, and decreased immunity and absorption of nutrients.

Additionally, when roots and gums are exposed, bacteria can enter the bloodstream through damages in the inner lining of blood vessels, leading to a number of further illness or disease.

When deciding on a treatment plan for missing teeth that is best for you, a Huntington, Long Island dental professional at LI Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry can help you understand what’s right for your oral health.

Full mouth implants

In some cases, when multiple teeth are missing, a dental professional will recommend same-day dental implants for the entire mouth. This could include between six to eight replacements in the upper jaw, and another four to six implants in the lower jaw.

These implants can help a person restore proper function, health, and aesthetics to his or her mouth without the long lead-time. Full-mouth implants will restore the strong bite support needed to protect against bone loss, preserve the integrity of your facial structure, and provide full function for chewing.  A full mouth treatment can also:

  • Provide better support and be more comfortable than dentures
  • Improve self-confidence and cosmetic appearance
  • Last for decades and reduce the need for bone grafts

Unlike traditional dental implants, which require several visits and between three to six months of preparation – the benefit of a same-day, full-mouth replacement allows all the surgical work, including the crowns, to be performed at once. Using the latest 3D technology, patients receive new teeth without multiple and costly trips to the dentist.

Process for full-mouth dental implants

Dental implant surgery, whether involving singular or multiple teeth, is a customized process and a Huntington, Long Island dental expert can advise you on the size, shape, and type to suit your needs.

With same-day implants, the crown is installed along with the surgery, helping to minimize overall recovery time from a multi-step process. Overall, the recovery time typically takes four weeks for initial progress and up to six months for a full recovery.

Since no two patients have the same mouth, the cost of full-mouth dental implants will also vary between patients.

What to do next

Interested in getting same-day dental implants in Huntington, Long Island? Award-winning dentists, Dr. Elliot Koschitzki and Dr. Nick Augenbaum, of Long Island Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, will consult with you and provide you with world-class and compassionate care. Contact us today to schedule your one-on-one initial consultation!

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