What Does it Mean to be Implant Retained vs Implant Supported?

Implant-retained dentures are removable but are anchored in the mouth by dental implants, while implant-supported dentures are fully secured in the mouth by the implants and act like natural teeth. Dentures are a common solution to missing teeth, but they have quite a few downsides. Alternative treatments like implant-retained and implant-supported dentures use similar dental […]

How Much Are Dental Implants?

While the cost of dental implants varies according to numerous factors, such as the type of procedure and number of implants a person is receiving, patients usually pay between $3,000 and $6,800. Missing teeth not only pose cosmetic issues, but they can also negatively affect your health. Missing teeth contribute to the degradation of jawbone […]

Is It Necessary to Replace Missing Back Teeth?

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If you’re missing a tooth (or a few), you’re far from alone. According to Harvard Health, the average American loses 12 permanent teeth to decay, injury, or gum disease by age 50. Most people don’t hesitate to replace front teeth, but what about back teeth? It’s common for adults to lose back molars, but replacing […]

What is a Dental Implant Bridge?

A dental implant bridge replaces two or more missing teeth using titanium rods implanted in the gums, which attach to a dental bridge. Also known as implant-supported bridges, this procedure uses dental implants as anchors for the bridge instead of dental crowns. The result is a stable and durable oral health solution. Missing teeth affect […]

Advancements in Dental Implant Technology

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Missing teeth can significantly impact a person’s self-esteem and self-image. Consider that your smile is the first thing that people see upon meeting you. Now consider the effect that gaps in your smile can have on your appearance, as well as your mental state. In addition to cosmetic issues, missing teeth can also lead to […]

Zygomatic Implants vs Dental Implants: What’s the Difference?

The type of implant used will depend on the health and stability of the jawbone, as well the number and location of missing teeth.

Are Zygomatic Implants Permanent?

Zygomatic implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss and extensive bone atrophy in the upper jaw.

How Painful Are Zygomatic Implants?

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The placement of zygomatic implants is carefully executed to cause minimal trauma to surrounding tissues, which means less post-operative discomfort. This procedure is performed using sedation or under anesthesia, providing a pain-free experience for patients and helping them to feel completely at ease during the entire experience. All anesthesia options will be discussed thoroughly prior […]

How Long Do Zygomatic Implants Last?

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Zygomatic implants are permanent, low-maintenance teeth with nearly a 100% chance of lasting for at least 12 years and a good likelihood of lasting much longer, even a lifetime. If you’ve been told that you aren’t a great candidate for dental implants because of significant bone loss, there may still be options available to you. […]

What Is a Sinus Lift?

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Tooth loss is a significant issue, and not for aesthetic reasons alone. Missing teeth can affect digestion and communication and cause substantial changes to a person’s facial structure. Accordingly, dentists and oral surgeons encourage patients experiencing tooth loss to consider dental implants. Implants are a form of dental prosthesis consisting of an artificial tooth, an […]